Shaolin Meal Plan And Details

Shoalin Meal Plan And Details

At the first time, I thought that eating is just the way to fulfill the nutrition and vitamin into the body. However, that is not correct all. Even thought that is the main purpose, but the food will determine our body and health. That is why: I absolutely agree with the expression that ‘we are what we eat’. This expression shows that our body is the result of the food. In short, there are some considerations. We should do before deciding to eat, especially, selective in choosing the various cuisines or called as meal plan.

Building the body

Based on the research, obviously I am not in a perfect weight. This is based on the tall is minus 110. In this case, I am overweight 10 kg. To measure, I am trying my work out with the cardio system. I am doing the push up and run every week. In fact, there is nothing change as long as I do not manage my meal plan. Applying the meal plan of Shaolin traditions is one of my considerations. This method has already separated to the world and obviously working. Basically, we can eat everything, but it has a time schedule.

We can eat the food starting at six am to five pm. After that, we cannot eat anything. The result will be much different in two weeks. Definitely, it has to be supported with the working out train. In the first week, the main change of the body is in the stomach. There is a significant decrease my overweight in 2 Kg. I also feel much fresh and can walk a little bit faster than previous. The last week, I try to find out that my weight was going down into 1 kg. The different between the previous week and the second one was the work out. I did not spend plenty of time as much as the first time. The problem is the consistency.

At the first day, like everybody else, I have the highest spirit and it feels like the dream comes true soon. I keep everything to stay in focus and based on the rules. In the second day, my day still the same but my body a little bit weaker. This sensation is quite hard for me. In the third day, I want to quite this program. In contrast, I tried to distract my hopeless with hanging out and killing time. According to its review of the doer, it was a normal condition because the body had a new term. We need to adapt and the hardest time comes in this round. As the reward, if we can pass through this day, the other day will be no problem. Not only that, the night will be my night mare, it is common that I always eat food at eight even 11. Then, I cannot do that. To minimize the carbohydrate in my body, I am already prepared the nut or an apple. I only prepare it in seven days. Afterwards, I did not take it anymore.

Another thing besides meal plan is the sleeping time. Not only the meal plan and the workout, sleeping is the importance proses to make sure that the entire body are having a rest day. Based on the doctor recommendation, the proper sleeping is about 8 hours in a day. It can be started from 9 pm to 6 am. After that, it is started with the light breakfast and drink cold water. After that, it is continued by the jogging and stretching. If we spend one hour in every early morning, we still have 23 hours left to do everything. That is why: we cannot just be lazy and to do nothing.

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How to keep on track

On the diet program, habit is demon and angle. Well, it let us deal with the habit as the demon first. If your favorite meal is the junk food, that will be a huge disaster. They can be found in every corner in the city. If you cannot control this desire, this demon will force you to break your commitment on diet. So, you can prevent it with some challenges. As an example, you only eat one of the junk food menus in a week and it is only for lunch. Another thing in meal plan always brings the food package on the bag. This is really helpful when we are starving and quickly take clean and fresh food such as fruits or breads.

On the other hands, it can turn into the angle. This will happen if we transform the old one into the new habit. This will not take a longer time if we are serious to take this matter into the strict commitment to ourselves. Perhaps, some of us think that the more we train, the more the fat burn. At glance, that is true, but it is also wrong. Burning the fat is not just at the same time.

This needs a process and time even the hard work only burns 1 % only. Apart of this process, this does not only refresh the nutrition inside the body, but gain the positive energy. Even though meal plan allows us eat everything but not the junk food. This kind of food will be hard for the body to process it. At the same time, this meal has unbalance calories, carbohydrate, protein, and etc. Also, the unsaturated fat is obviously uncalculated.

Expert suggestions

It is based on Jim Juge, he is the body building consultant and he examined it. He suggested that the successful and the failure of the body building depend on the nutrition. It is counted 65% to shape the body. If we can calculate the nutrition in the exact number precisely, the desire body shape will be reached only in a month. However, it needs high commitment because it requires strict policy in our selves. Strict, strict, and strict is the mantra for me. I decide to stay on the track in 28 days. For this specific term, this relates to the clean and fresh food or unprocessed meal. Here are some ideas that I do. Perhaps, it may inspire you to do so.

First, we eat one gram protein per body weight in a day. This is functioned to make sure that the protein intake is higher that restricted calories. If doing the exact treatment, you will have an increased muscle and losing the fat. Some of the meal that I choose as the best protein storage is egg whites, poultry, protein supplements, and the red meat. Basically, this will provide around 220 to 250 gram protein. This is sufficient number to fulfill. Therefore, if your weight is heavier than 250 pound or love to eat, just add some extra protein shake. In contrast, the weight under 180 pounds can cut three ounces of red meal from diet program.

Second, we always keep meal plan with the carbohydrate low to lose the weight. The best meal to provide the proper carbohydrate is oats, potatoes, rice, and breads. The last, we stay to drink fresh gallon water in a day at least or it is equal with 8 glass water with medium size. This is aimed to prevent the dehydration. Even though some people prefer the carbonate diet soda, sweetened drink, and other diet water, the fresh water is the compatible.

Descriptions: meal plan will give the longer life and also the desire body shape. This can be so hard in third day, but it will flow for the rest.

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