Ketogenic Diet : Getting to Know It to Care for Your Own Health

When someone says diet, it does not necessarily mean that it has always been something related to losing weight. Well, part of it is true, while the other half is not. It is what applies to ketogenic diet here. This diet we are talking about here is one that refers more to the things you eat. Of course, they are not simply a bunch of random foods. They are distinctively chosen ones that can benefit for body health. While improving your health though, this diet is one that can still help you lose weight as well. Let’s discuss it more in depth below, so you can get better understanding about this diet.

The Ketogenic Diet and How It Works in the Body

The diet we are talking about here is one that is often called as simply keto. Keto is one kind of diets where people are required to consume foods that are very low in carbohydrate but high in fat only. Yes, this diet is basically about reducing the carbohydrate intake to your body in drastic frequency, then replacing it with high fat intake instead. You see, when your body gets less and less carbohydrate intake, you will put it into a certain metabolic state. This state is one that is called ketosis. Ketosis is one important state of metabolism that plays the key role in this very diet here.

When your body is in the state of ketosis, it will work harder at burning fat than it used to. That way, your body can turn the fat into energy at incredibly efficient way. It is not only that. Ketosis state will also be of help to turn the fat into ketones in the liver as well. These ketones will be the energy supply for your brain. Besides producing massive energy, ketosis works incredibly well to reduce great amount of blood sugar and insulin levels. That is precisely why this diet can benefit many things for your body health. Be sure to note this. We will cover the possible benefits later below.

The Ketogenic Diet Types and What They Are For

There are actually up to 4 types of keto recognized by most people. The first one is called Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD). It is a diet type with very low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and high fat. SKD is the most studied and recommended one when it comes to maintaining health to losing weight. The second one is called Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) which requires you to add periods of higher carbohydrate re-feed after some periods of ketogenic diet. This one is quite unique, indeed. However, it is still one of the types of this diet here. There are still two more types to know though.

The third one is called Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) in which you get the chance to add carbohydrate around your workouts. This type and the previous one are more advanced methods to choose and they are mostly used by bodybuilders or athletes to help them build muscles in their body. The last one is called High-Protein Ketogenic Diet. It is basically similar with the SKD type earlier, but it requires you to add more protein in. Just like the first, this type of keto has been studied extensively compared to the others. Of course, it is also one that is recommended as well.

The Main Benefits of Following Ketogenic Diet

Based on some researches, ketogenic diet is proven to be far superior compared to many recommended low-fat diets. This diet feels more filling and you can even lose weight without you having to track your foods and count your calorie intake. Why it can be so is because it offers increased ketones and protein. Doing so makes your body capable of lowering blood sugar levels and improving the insulin sensitivity. It is way more effective than consuming diets that are low in fat. Reducing the blood sugar to burn the fat is the key. Lowering fat intake won’t control blood sugar.

Besides simply reducing some body weight, ketogenic diet is very useful in fighting against both diabetes and pre-diabetes. As you know, the fat you have when getting diabetic is usually more excessive than how it is normally. This is where you will need this diet to lose that excessive fat. Need to be known that keto can improve the insulin sensitivity by 75%. It is pretty much percentage if we have to say. With that, having more hormones to control the blood sugar will make your body burn more fats to reduce the excessive amount of them that do nothing but ruining your health only.

Other Extra Benefits of Choosing Ketogenic Diet

Keto might be good to deal with fats to begin with. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is the only thing that this diet is capable of. Other benefits of keto includes reducing the risk of getting heart disease by lowering fat, HDL levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar. It can even slow tumor growth and treat some cancer types. When it comes to slowing something, this diet can also slow down the progress of Alzheimer. Of course, there are still more things it can do to keep your health. This diet is not some simple diet to try after all. It can help you deal with other diseases as well.

Keto can fight against epilepsy by reducing seizures in massive amount in epileptic children. It is not only that. This diet is pretty much helpful to improve the symptoms of Parkinson disease, reduce insulin levels to fight against Polycystic Ovary syndrome, reduce concussions for brain injuries, and even lowering insulin levels to deal with acnes. While having this diet done to treat your diabetes, you can still gain these noteworthy benefits for your health. These make keto all the more worthy to consider to choose and give it a try by yourself. Not to mention, it is definitely safe diet to follow.

What’s and What’s Not to Eat in Ketogenic Diet

Surely, you must have been wondering just what foods you should eat and not to eat in ketogenic diet, right? Indeed, you have no choice but to be picky about them for there are foods that contain the nutrients you need and some others that can harm you instead. The foods you need to eat include meat, fatty fish, eggs, butter and cream, cheese, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, avocados, low-carb veggies, and condiments. Be sure to base your meals with these kinds of food when you are doing this diet. Each has important nutrients to offer and help this diet to result you better.

Be careful, there are foods that are not good to consume when you are following ketogenic diet even if they are healthy to begin with. Those foods include sugary foods, grains or startches, fruits, beans or legumes, root vegetables and tubers, low-fat or highly processed products, sugary condiments or unhealthy fatty sauces, unhealthy fats, alcohol, and high sugar-alcohol foods. Even healthy foods can affect the result of diet negatively. So, you must understand the need of specifically chosen foods to solve your issues and follow what has been recommended for you.

Description: Ketogenic diet is one diet with low carbohydrate intake but high in fat. It works mainly to lose weight and deal with diabetes, but it also benefits people with various things for their health.

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