How to reduce arm fat with Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wants to have a slim body. It is not only about having a sexy hip but also sexy and slim arm. With those elements, you can have an hourglass-like body. In other words, you should also consider your upper-body to have the best shape. Upper-body exercises are some ways to reduce arm fat. Besides shaping your arm, these exercise can also feed your arm to have amazing muscles as the fat is burnt. Here are some exercise you can take to shape your upper-body part, especially arm.

How to reduce arm fat with Healthy Lifestyle

Arm Fat Loss Exercise: One Arm Triceps Exercise

First, you can try one arm triceps exercise as one of exercises to reduce arm fat. You do not need any equipments like dumbbells or balls to do this exercise. However, this exercise works for sure. Start by sitting on the floor. Place your legs and feet together. Separate your hands with shoulder-width apart, point your fingers toward your hips on the floor. Bend your knees, raise your hips a you keep your feet steady on the floor. Do it by straightening the arms. Keep your arm straight as you bend the left arm. Lower the hips towards your floor. Do it with other arms and repeat. You can see the result within a week.

Arm Fat Loss Exercise: Lateral Plank Walk

Lateral Plank Walk is the next exercise you can do as exercise to reduce arm fat. This exercise can show the result on a week. It deals with your arm muscles and burn the fat as it also tones your arm. Let’s start with a push-up position, which is also known as a plank position. Move your arm and leg on one side outward slightly along with your feet and legs together. Bring your feet together by following the sam movement on the other side. Make sure that you return to the way you start. Have your abs tensed in the direction of your spine and pelvis. Repeat it with the opposite way.

Arm Fat Loss Exercise: Counter or Table Push Ups

The third exercise to reduce arm fat is counter push-ups that is quite similar with a normal push up position. The difference is that you will need a counter or a table to perform this exercise. Start by placing your hands on your counter or table along with your feet. Make sure that your shoulders and back are straight that all the pressure will be exerted on your arms. As you have been ready with this position, do push up by lowering your body toward the counter or table. Back up as you have ready. Do it for 20 times in a set.

How to reduce arm fat with Healthy Lifestyle

Arm Fat Loss Exercise: Arm Rotation and Arm Twisting

If you want to perform a simple yet effective exercise, arm rotation is one of diet plan to reduce arm fat. Instead of dumbbells, use 2 ½ kg water as props. Stand still and straight and make sure that each of your hand is holding a ½ liter of water bottle. Simply rotate your arms by following these directions: clockwise and anti-clockwise. For the ideal result, do the rotation in 60 seconds. The next exercise is arm twisting. You need nothing to perform this exercise but it surely works.

Have a good position to perform this diet plan to reduce arm fat; stand up still and have your arms raised outwards like when you will hug somebody. Make sure that the arms are completely straights. Twist the arm to make your palms facing the ceiling then twist at a horizontal axis. Repeat this simple movement as many times as possible. Do not ever exert yourself to prevent sore muscle that you may have in the next day.

Why Fat Comes to Arms

After learning some exercises, it is also important to learn about the causes. Fat comes to arms because of some reasons such as excess calories, unhealthy diet, and doing limited exercises. People can get excess calories from the food they take. The amount of consumed food may be more than what they need according to their weight, gender, and body. Later, people do exercise to remove the fat. In fact, exercise only tones the muscles instead of getting rid of fat. There are some other reasons to consider. First, you have to reconsider your diet plan. Make sure that your diet plan includes less calories than the usual amount you take every day. To stay fit and healthy, make sure that your diet plan accomplishes your nutrient requirements. It means, you should include lots of vegetables, especially leafy greens, and fruit to reduce arm fat.

Measure the Calories Intake

People may never realize that they take a lot of calories every day. If you are on a diet to reduce arm fat, you should reduce at least 500 calories from your daily consumption. You can install a calorie counter application on your mobile phone. Therefore, you can measure the amount of calories in your food and you can consider your food. Calories will make you full but it is not always healthy. You can replace it with fiber which is also satisfying your digestive system. You can get fiber from vegetables and fruit. By reducing the calories intake, the fat around your arms can be reduced.

Take Smaller Portion

Commonly, people take their food three times a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. They often eat in big portion but it is actually not balanced as they are too busy to think more about food. However, do you know that it would be better for all of us to eat meals in small portion? It is okay to take many meals in small portion. It can be helpful for our digestive system because it can recognize the meals intake better. Later, the food to reduce arm fat can be digested and burnt in better way. Make sure that each of small meal intakes is completed and balanced.

Have a Breakfast like a King

As we start our activity in the morning, we should take the best meal for our breakfast. People often mention that we should eat like a king for breakfast. We need a lot of energy to start our day. Make sure that our breakfast is rich of protein like egg, milk, bread, and other. Sausage, beef, chicken are also helpful. Avoid high-sugar cereals and take foods with high fiber carbohydrate instead. It can be a great base for our day. It is also a helpful food to reduce arm fat.

Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated is also supportive to reduce arm fat. Make sure that we have sufficient water intake to keep our body balanced. Water can keep us healthier. Take a glass of water anytime you wake up in the morning. The water will remove and flush the dirt and damage out of our body. It also cleans our digestive system regularly so we can have a better digestive system. A cup of green tea is also beneficial for our body. It helps our metabolism and as it helps us to lose our weight naturally and effectively. Instead of coffee, green tea is a great source of antioxidant. If you are too busy to take a bottle of water everywhere you go, you still can get the water intake from watery fruits like watermelon and others.

Description: reduce arm fat does not only deal with exercise, but food and lifestyle should be considered also. Exercise tones your muscles and food keeps it healthy.

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