How to Lose Weight with Low Carb Diet

Diet functions to reduce weight. That is why there are many people who have diet because of their overweight body. However, which diet is best to follow? In fact, there are many types of diet. As we know, carbohydrate can be one of the biggest factors that can increase weight. Therefore, it will be a good idea if you plan a low Carb diet. It is a kind of diet that requires you to prioritize foods that contain low carbohydrate. If you are interested in it, you should pay attention to the following discussion.

Avoided Foods for Low Carb Diet

There are seven foods that you need to avoid if you want to follow this diet. The first is sugar. Sugar includes ice cream, candy, agave, fruit juices, and soft drinks. The second is gluten grain that includes pastas, breads, rye, barley, spelt, and wheat. Then, the third is trans fat where it includes hydrogenated oils. High omega 6 seed & vegetable oils should also be avoided where they include canola oils, safflower, corn, grape-seed, sunflower, soybean, and cottonseed.

The fifth food to avoid is artificial sweetener. In this case, you have to keep away from acesulfame potassium, cyclamates, sucralose, saccharin, and aspartame. Rather than you consume them, it is recommended to consume stevia. The next avoided food is low fat & diet products. For examples are crackers, cereals, etc. The last one is highly processed meals or foods such as the foods that are made from factory or processed foods. So, you have to read the ingredients first before eating foods and make sure that you eat healthy foods.

Recommended Foods for Low Carb Diet

There are also so many foods that are recommended to eat for you who plan a low Carb diet. One of the most recommended foods for a low Carb diet is meat. If you like meat, you can consider chicken, pork, lamb, beef, etc. The best option is grass fed. Besides, fish is also recommended so much. For example, you can try eating haddock, trout, salmon, etc. The best choice is wild-caught. Egg is also good for this diet. In fact, egg contains omega 3. There are many kinds of egg whereas the best one is pastured eggs.

The next recommended food is vegetable. Carrots, cauliflowers, broccolis, spinaches, and other vegetables are great for this weight loss diet. It is also recommended so much to eat fruits. For example, you can consider eating strawberries, blueberries, pears, oranges, apples, etc. You are also recommended to eat nuts as well as seeds. They include sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, etc. High fat diaries also belong to the recommended foods for this diet such as yogurt, heavy cream, butter, cheese, etc. The last is oil and fat. For example, you can consume cod fish liver oils, olive oil, lard, butter, coconut oil, etc.

Allowed Foods for Low Carb Diet

There are also some other foods that are not recommended but they are still allowed. One of them is tubers such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. Besides, non gluten grains also belong to the allowed foods for low Carb diet. For examples are quinoa, oats, rice, etc. Then, you are also allowed to eat legumes including pinto beans, black beans, lentils as long as you can tolerate those foods. Dark chocolate is also allowed if you like it. Lastly, wine is also still allowed as long as it is not too much and it belongs to dry wine that does not contain sugar and Carb.

Recommended Beverages for Low Carb Diet

How about the beverages to drink? If you want to follow this diet, you can consider drinking coffee. However, coffee cannot be consumed too much because it can cause insomnia. Besides that, tea is also recommended so much especially green tea. It will be perfect to start day with a cup of tea. Then, you should also prioritize drinking water. Water can help you to neutralize the fats in your body so that your weight will be easier to reduce. The last is sugar free beverages such as sparkling water.

Easy and Simple Recipes for Low Carb Diet

If you have a plan to follow this diet, you can try these recipes. Let’s start from the breakfast. It will be a good idea to eat omelet added with some vegetables you like for your breakfast. It will also be more delicious if you combine it with coconut oil, fried in butter. If you want the simple recipe, you can consider eating eggs and bacon. Anyway, those foods are good for a low Carb diet.

For lunch, I recommend you to eat berries, chocolate powder, heavy cream, and smoothie with milk. Walnuts, coconut flakes, and grass fed yogurt are also recommended for this weight loss diet. If you want meat, it will be a good idea to eat chicken salad. Besides, you can also try eating protein powder, almonds, olive oil, shrimp, vegetables, or burgers. You can vary the foods for lunch to prevent boringness. I suggest you to eat different foods for different days so that you eat different low Carb foods every day.

You should also pay attention to the dinner. Dinner cannot be skipped because it is very important. If you are confused to choose the menu, you can consider these ideas. The first idea is to eat cheeseburger served with salsa sauce and vegetables. If you want fish, it will be a good recipe to eat salmon added with vegetables and butter. Then, you can also consider eating grilled chicken. To make it more delicious, you can add it with vegetables. It is also recommended so much to eat steak and veggies. The next recipe for dinner is pork chop added with veggies. Other recipes are meatballs plus vegetables and chicken wings with spinach.

That is all the recipes that you can make for a low Carb diet. You can also make your own recipes as long as it follows the guides of recommended and allowed foods above. With this diet, you can lower your weight fast.

Description: Low Carb diet is a kind of diet that requires you to eat foods that contain low carbohydrate. Here are the foods recommended for this diet.

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