How to Follow a Detox Diet

One of the most popular diet it detox diet. It is a kind of diet where the purpose is to get rid of toxin in your body. Detoxing can be done by choosing the foods carefully and doing some exercise rightly. It has so many benefits. In relation to health, it can improve health and prevent some diseases. For beauty, it can make your eyes and skin more beautiful. So, it is very important to follow this diet. This diet can be followed by anyone who wants to live more healthily.

Recommended Foods for Detox Diet

There are some foods that you should prioritize to enjoy if you want to follow this diet. Starts from fruits, you can eat all kinds of fruit because fruits can clean the toxin in your body well. Make sure that you eat fresh fruits, not in juices or frozen forms. Besides fruits, you should also prioritize eating vegetables. You can also consider any kind of vegetable you want. Vegetables can be combined with other foods to make more delicious. Then, you are also recommended to eat fish whether fresh fish, canned fish or olive oil.

If you like meat, you can try lean & red meat or chicken that does not include skin. However, you have to limit it where maximally it should be 2 serves a week. The next recommended food is legume where it includes canned and also dried legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, and kidney beans. It will also be a good idea to eat eggs. I suggest you to choose organic one. Certain oils like unprocessed coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are also great for this diet.

In addition, nuts also belong to the best foods for detox diet where it includes cashews, macadamias, walnuts, and raw unsaturated almonds. There are also seeds that are recommended to enjoy including sunflower, pumpkins, and raw unsalted sesame seeds. You can also consider some beverages such as decaffeinated weak black tea, white tea, and green tea. However, the best beverage is fresh water where you have to drink water at least 3 liters every day. With these foods mentioned, you can get rid of toxin in your body completely.

How to Follow a Detox Diet

Avoided Foods in Detox Diet

Now, you need to know what foods to avoid during this diet. The first food to avoid is certainly alcohol. Any type and form of alcohol should be avoided because it can cause many health problems. Besides that, you should also keep away from cigarettes. Therefore, if you are a smoker, you have to stop smoking as soon as possible. In fact, cigarettes can cause deadly diseases including heart attack. Some milk products should also be avoided. However, a half cup of unsweetened yogurt mixed with acidophilus is allowed to consume. You have to understand this so that you do not carelessly drink milk.

Sweet beverages are also not allowed such as artificial sweeteners, maple syrup, honey and sugar. Then, you also cannot drink coffee. Fruits are good for detox diet but dried fruits are not allowed. So, you are only allowed to eat fresh fruits. In addition, you should also stay away from grains where they include rice, spelt, oats, barley, rye, and wheat such as pasta, cakes, biscuits, and bread. If you can avoid these foods and you plan to eat the recommended foods mentioned before, you can follow this diet perfectly.

Detox Diet Plans

If you want to follow this diet, you have to make some plans properly. There are many plans that you can try. In this article, we will share the best plans to follow. Firstly, you can start the day with lemon juice. Lemon juice is very delicious. However, it is not only delicious but also beneficial. In fact, lemon juice can be useful for digestion and also cleanse your body system. You can actually drink lemon juice anytime you want. However, it will be better to drink it before having breakfast. Still related to the beverages, you have to make sure that you drink liquids at least 3 liters every day.

In relation to daily meals, you have to consider eating raw foods. They contain more enzymes and nutrients that are good for health. It will also be great to add fresh sprouts to a daily salad. When eating, you have to make sure that you chew at least 12 times before you swallow it. It eases your digestion to work well. It also makes you feel full and prevent overeat. In addition, you can also plan body brushing that can support circulation as well as improve skin detoxification. With these plans, you can get the best result of detox diet.

You may also need to detox your mind. In this plan, I suggest you to try meditation at least about 15 minutes every day. The simplest meditation is by belly breathing. You can also try other meditations like yoga or others. Lastly, you may also need to do some exercises. Doing exercises around a half hour per day is enough for this diet. Just choose your desired exercises like your hobbies. For example, you can try swimming, jogging, cycling, etc. Doing exercises can also help you improve blood circulation and also get rid of toxin in your body or blood.

The Benefits of Detox Diet

There are so many benefits of this diet. Different from the common diets where they only focus on weight loss, this diet is very beneficial for health wholly. The main point is that you cleanse your blood and body from any toxin inside. Moreover, you also improve your health from healthy foods and exercises. So, it can be said that it becomes one of the best diets and everyone can follow it.

That is all about detox diet. Detox diet can be followed easily because it does not make you tortured. This diet will give you amazing results as long as you follow it rightly and consistently. Hopefully this will be a useful guide to live more healthily.

Description: Detox diet functions to cleanse your body toxin clearly. It also improve your health completely so that it can be followed by anyone.

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