How to Follow a Blood Type Diet

If you want to live more healthily and have an ideal weight, you have to plan a diet. Diet can also be adjusted to your blood type. This diet is called blood type diet. It is a kind of diet that requires you to choose the best foods based on the type of your blood. As we know, there are 4 different types of blood. They are blood type A, blood type B, blood type AB and blood type O. This diet can improve your health wholly. If you are interested in this diet, you should pay attention to this discussion below.

What to Eat and Not to Eat

Starts from those who have blood type A, they have to avoid meat. If you also have blood type A, you have to make sure that your daily meals are meat free. There are many other foods besides meat that are also healthy. For example vegetables and fruits should be the priorities of your foods. Besides, you can also consider eating whole grains, legumes and beans. You have to make sure that all those foods are fresh and organic, not processed. It is because people with blood type A have immune system that is very sensitive.

For people with blood type B, they have to keep away from certain foods including sesame seeds, peanuts, tomatoes, lentils, buckwheat, wheat and corn. Those foods can cause problems related to health. Besides, chicken is also better to avoid because it is problematic, too. So, what should be eaten by those who have blood type B? They should consider eating eggs, low fat dairy, certain meats, and green vegetables. After knowing this, you have to choose your daily foods more carefully. You cannot eat the foods that should be avoided if you do not want to experience some diseases or health problems.

What if you have blood type AB? People who have blood type AB should focus on the following foods. One of them is green vegetables based on your desire. Besides, dairy, seafood and tofu are also recommended so much to eat. Doctors say that people with type AB blood have low stomach acids. So, if you have this blood type, you have to keep away from cured meats, smoked meats, alcohol, and caffeine. This guide of blood type diet should be applied rightly. So, you have to know your blood type first.

Another blood type is O. People who have type O blood have to prioritize foods that are high in protein. For example, lean meats are recommended so much. Besides that, you can also try eating poultry. Then, fish also belongs to the best food to eat. In addition, vegetables also contain high protein. Other foods to eat include dairy, beans, and grains. You are also recommended to take certain supplements to fight tummy troubles or other issues that often happen. So, what is the type of your blood? Recognize your blood type and choose the food based on your blood type rightly.

The Effort to Do

The result of blood type diet depends on some factors. It relates to your efforts themselves. If you do not know well about this diet, you have to find it out. One of the most important factors that can determine the result is limitation. It relates to how you can limit the foods that you cannot eat. As it is mentioned before, you have to avoid some foods. So, you have to really avoid them.

Besides that, the result will also depend on what you shop and cook. So, you have to be careful when you go shopping to buy the foods and beverages. Then, you have to cook and eat them rightly. That is why this factor has an important role in the successfulness of this diet. It does not matter whether you will eat packaged foods or unpackaged meals. The key is that you have to avoid the foods that you cannot eat and prioritize eating the recommended foods. We have mentioned them before so that it is clear enough.

Exercises for Blood Type Diet

You may also need to do some exercises. This diet requires exercises based on your blood type, too. Different blood types have different recommended exercises even though you may do your desired exercise. Anyway, you have to prioritize the following recommended exercises if you want to follow blood type diet rightly. For type AB blood, there is no rule what exercises that you should prioritize. So, it is your choice whether you want to do cardio, aerobic, strength, etc. What to keep in mind is that you have to do the exercises rightly.

If you have type A blood, the best exercise to do is yoga. Yoga does not only focus on body but also mind. So, it is very useful for overall body health. Yoga can be done easily at home or anywhere you want. Besides yoga, tai chi also becomes one of the best options of exercises for those who have type A blood. After knowing this, you should love doing exercise because exercise is very important for your health. For type O blood, the most recommended exercise is vigorous aerobic where it includes exercises like biking, jogging, etc. These exercises should be done for about an hour per day regularly.

What to Know

If you want to start this healthy diet, you have to know more about it. You must know that this diet requires you to eat organic foods that may be pricey. Besides, you may also need to consume herbal supplements as well as vitamins that are also not cheap. If you ask about the benefits, there are some benefits that I can mention.

Firstly, this diet is very useful to improve your blood health because it is designed for specific blood type. Besides, it also makes your digestion works more efficiently because the foods you eat are chosen rightly. Then, this diet is also appropriate for weight loss diet. In addition, following this diet allows you to have the greater energy. Lastly, this blood type diet is also beneficial to prevent some diseases.

Description: Blood type diet has many benefits for health. It requires you to choose the foods based on your blood type. You also need to do certain exercises based on your blood type, too.

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