Fat body but still healthy : could it be?

There are been lots of buzz recently over the new studies that seem to suggest that those who are overweight but not obese, may actually have higher life expectancies than people that are considered healthy or normal weight. On this analysis, the researchers classify people as overweight, obese, or normal weight by using BMI or Body Mass Index. It is the numbers which take to the considerations the height and weight. Lots of people chalk the surprising result up to the limitation of BMI as the indicators. By means of fat body but still healthy, BMI does not account for body compositions, that are, the relative proportions of fats and muscle tissues.

Frequently, people point that the bodybuilders with lots of muscles and really little fats can easily have BMI in obese categories. Honestly, the bodybuilders account for extremely small fractions of general populations. As the simple tools to assess general populations, BMI is actually pretty reliable. Others take the new result to mean that being overweight is simply not dangerous to the health as every people claims. Even, some people suggest that obesity epidemics are simply hoax dreamed up by dieting industries for selling the books and weight loss drug as well.

Fat body but still healthy

Fat body but still healthy on the researches

According to the fat body but still healthy researches, those who are obese have the highest risks of death. But, those that are in overweight categories actually have lower risks of the death than people that fell to the normal BMI categories. It probably seems pretty surprising until you consider the facts that the studies lumped together people of all states in entirely states of the health. In general populations, lots of people would end up dying of cancers that are second leading causes of the death on most Western countries. Although obesities could increase the risks of getting cancers, those who are sick with cancers almost always lose the great deals of body mass.

Also, people that die of old age typically experience loss of the body mass in last years of their life. In others word, what the study want to show is that people that are really sick or very close to the end of life are likely to get lower BMI. But, it doesn’t mean that being overweight is a way for extending the lifespan. In fact, as you filter out people that are underweight due to the advanced ages, this is pretty clear overweight will increase the risks of diseases and reduce life expectancy ultimately. The more overweight people are, the shorter their life expectancies. Statistically discussing, the long term risk is lowest if the BMI is between 18.5 and 25.

Fat body but still healthy: some characteristics

Talking about overweight, many health professionals define the overweight as BMI is between 25.0 and 29, 9 and people are in obesity as BMI is 30 or higher. Most people that are obese or overweight show some potentially unhealthy changes in the metabolism. It includes high cholesterols or high blood pressures that damage the arteries in hearts and elsewhere. Others harmful metabolic changes are resistance to hormone insulin, that leads to the high blood sugars. As the results, those who are obese or overweight are usually at higher risks for having strokes or heart attack, developing the type 2 diabetes or suffering from hosts of others life changing condition.

Fat body but still healthy

Fat body but still healthy with BMI indications

Actually, BMI is not perfect measures of obesities or weight. Frequently, it identifies muscular, fit people as being obese or overweight. That is because the muscles are denser than the fats. By this, it weighs more. But, the muscle tissues burn the blood sugars, the good this is while the fat tissues convert blood sugars to the fats then store it, those are not so good thing.

Additionally, genes also certainly play the roles in how one’s metabolism and body respond to the weight. Some of people are probably protected genetically from developing the insulin resistance. Others are programmed genetically for storing the fats in thighs or hips that are less metabolically hazardous than storing the fats around abdomens. The fat body but still healthy concepts can be used for helping guide treatments. Currently, healthy diets and exercise are the foundations of fat body but still healthy.

Things to remember, metabolically healthy obesities are not common. In accordance with this, the fat body but still healthy condition is possibly pretty rare. Each people must understand also that the obesities could harm more than only metabolism systems. The excess weight could damage hip and knee joints, lead to the sleep apnea as well as respiratory problem, and contributes to developments of some cancers.

Fat body but still healthy: the possibility

While being overweight really carry the increased risks of several health-related problems and also diseases, in short, each people could potentially in the conditions of fat body but still healthy. If the BMI is outsides healthy weight ranges but you are fit physically and active as well as follow the healthy diets, you can be healthier than people that are within healthy weight ranges, but not active or fit and have the unhealthy diets. The doctors could help in evaluating overall health and what the healthy weight you should be. The measures like cholesterol levels, blood pressures, and fasting blood glucoses would give more accurate pictures of health than simple BMI measures.

If you are in the condition of fat body but still healthy, you should know that losing the weight to get into healthy weight categories as defined with BMI ranges are not necessarily viable. One of best things you could do is to eat the balanced, healthy diets, and by active physically. By being active, it will not only help for avoiding the weight gains, but also helps in reducing physiological effects of any excess weights. As added bonus, it will lift the moods at the same time.

For being healthier, you can do some particular things. It includes keep the exercise diaries, get the heart pumping, do resistance exercises, and many others. In the condition of fat body but still healthy, you can also add the incidental exercises.

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