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You need many nutrients in your body, including your brain. If you can fulfill the need of nutrient for your brain, your brain can work well. Even more, you can also boost your brain. How can you do that? What you need is to know the nutrition needed by the human brain. So, if you are interested to boost your brain, you have to try with great effort to get the following nutrients.

Vitamin B12 for Brain

One of the best nutrients needed by your brain is vitamin B12. This is a vitamin of water soluble which is involved in the every body cell function. It is involved in forming the blood and also good for the brain function. If your body is lack of vitamin B12, there will be some problems such as smaller brain, mental disorder, impaired function of brain and anemia. Even more, the lack of vitamin B12 is also related to a dangerous disease named Alzheimer’s disease. It is the most usual cause of dementia especially in western countries.

Unfortunately, vitamin B12 can also be gotten by those who are not vegetarians. In fact, animal foods are the only sources of vitamin B12 that we can find. For example, we can find vitamin B12 in meats. Besides that, there are also many kinds of fish that contain vitamin B12. Then, eggs are also rich of vitamin B12. If you cannot fulfill the need of vitamin B12 for your brain, you will usually experience fatigue. Besides, fatigue may also often to happen. Then, you may also have poor brain memory. In addition, vitamin B12 is not only good for brain but also nervous system.

Creatine for Brain

The second nutrition mostly needed by your brain is creatine. Commonly, this is gotten by athletes or bodybuilders because it is often found in muscle building supplements in the world. In fact, creatine can improve strength and also muscle mass significantly. However, creatine has more than this benefit. You have to know that this nutrient is also linked to human brain. Basically, this can be found in meats. Once again, it becomes the benefit of not being a vegetarian. So, you can get creatine easily.

How about vegetarians? If you are a vegetarian where you have to keep away from meat, you can consider taking certain supplements that contain creatine. Today, there are so many products of supplements that offer creatine. So, you may fulfill the need of creatine easily even though you are a vegetarian. Creatine is very useful to improve strength because it can supply energy. However, for the deeper benefit, it can improve the function of your brain.

Vitamin D for Brain

When you hear about vitamin D, you will spontaneously think about skin and the sun light. In fact, vitamin D has great benefits for skin health and it is commonly gotten from the sun light. So, to fulfill the need of vitamin D, you can let yourself exposed by the sun. For your information, this nutrition can function as a hormone of steroid in your body. Basically, vitamin D can be divided into 2. They are vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. These vitamins are useful for diet. Vitamin D2 is also well known as ergocalciferol whereas vitamin D3 is also called as cholecalciferol.

How to get vitamin D? There are many studies that show how to get it. Vitamin D2 can be gotten from plants whereas vitamin D3 comes from animals. Actually, all kinds of vitamin D are good for brain. However, the studies show that vitamin D3 is more effective to improve human brain compared to vitamin D2. So, it is important to know the best sources of vitamin D3. The best source is cod fish liver oil. Besides that, vitamin D3 is also contained in fatty fish. However, you have to eat in big portion. Besides good for brain, vitamin D3 is also useful to treat or prevent some diseases including cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Carnosine for Brain

You may still be unfamiliar with carnosine. However, this nutrient is very important for your brain. Basically, you can find this in animal tissues so that vegetarians cannot get this nutrient much. This is created from 2 amino acids and it does not only improve human brain but also muscle. Even more, there are also many other benefits of this nutrient such as to prevent many degenerative processes. This nutrition also becomes an antioxidant that can get control blood sugar. In addition, it is also useful to prevent protein cross linking.

Carnosine can also function as anti-aging supplement. It means this is good for skin beauty. However, for brain, this is very good to prevent various kinds of brain disorder. It includes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They are the most common brain disorders happen to people. So, it can be concluded that consuming this nutrient will be very good for health not only related to brain but also skin beauty and other health issues. Anyway, if you want to get this nutrient, you can get it from animal tissues.

Dicisahexaenoic Acid (DHA) for Brain

The last one is Dicisahexaenoic Acid or also well known as DHA. We know that omega 3 fatty acid is very important. DHA is one of the active forms produced by omega 3 fatty acid in your body. It is very important for your brain. This nutrient is very good to develop your brain. If you cannot fulfill the need of DHA, there are some health problems that may happen related to metal health and cognitive function. It usually happens to children.

DHA is not only good for children but also for childbearing age women. There are many sources of DHA. The best one is fatty fish. There are also some other sources such as pastured animal products and grass-fed. Some algae can also produce DHA as well as EPA. With this nutrition, you can optimize the brain development. So, you have to plan to eat those foods that become the sources of DHA mentioned above.

Description: Nutrition needed by human brain is various. The most important nutrients are vitamin B12, creatine, vitamin D, carnosine and DHA.

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