Best Foods for Low Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol can cause many diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Cholesterol also becomes one of the most common causes of overweight and obese. So, it will be a good idea for you to start a low cholesterol diet. This is a diet which focuses on consuming foods that contain low cholesterol. So, it cannot only control your weight but also prevent many diseases. To follow this diet, you have to plan eating these low cholesterol foods below:

  1. Oats

This is the first food that is low in cholesterol. So, it will be a good idea to replace your breakfast with oatmeal. This is the simplest way how to lower your cholesterol up to 5.3 % in six weeks only. It is because oats contain beta-glucan where it is a substance that can absorb LDL cholesterol to lower it. For dessert, it will be good ideas to consider eating banish bland oats. Anyway, oats can be considered as one of the best foods with low cholesterol so that it is recommended so much for this diet.

  1. Red Wine

In relation to beverages, you should prioritize beverages that contain high fiber. In this case, red grapes should be considered. You can make red grapes to be red wine that can lower LDL cholesterol level significantly. A study shows that drinking red wine can lower LDL cholesterol level about 9 up to 12 %. So, drinking red wine every day will be very useful to reduce the level of your cholesterol. You can drink red wine in the morning, afternoon or evening based on your desire as long as it is not too much.

  1. Salmon and Fatty Fish

Salmon and fatty fish are also great for low cholesterol diet. As we know they are rich of omega 3 fatty acid that can prevent various deadly diseases such as dementia, heart disease, and some other diseases. In this case, fatty acid functions to lower your cholesterol level. You can replace saturated fats with this omega 3 fatty acid like what you can find in herring, sardines, and salmon. Because this offers so many benefits for health, you should prioritize eating these foods regularly.

  1. Nuts

Sometimes, you want to eat snack. Mostly, snacks have high cholesterol. So, you have to be careful to choose your daily snack. In this case, I suggest you to plan nuts for your daily snacks. Nuts will be a perfect snack because they are not only low cholesterol but also high in protein and other good nutrients. A study shows that if you eat one and a half ounces of whole walnuts every day, you can lower your LDL cholesterol up to 9.3 % in a month. Besides that, cashew and almonds can also be your alternative nuts. In addition, you need to know that nuts are good for heart so that you must eat nuts regularly.

  1. Tea

As we know, tea is well known as antioxidant that can fight cancer. However, there is also a great beneficial health that is to lower the level of LDL cholesterol. According a study, black tea is able to lower cholesterol up to 10 % in 3 weeks only. In other studies, we find that tea can also reduce the risk of heart diseases. Black tea is the most recommended choice for low cholesterol diet but you can also consider other types of tea.

  1. Beans

Everyone knows that beans are rich of protein. Besides that, they are also low cholesterol. Because beans belong to low cholesterol foods, you can consider beans for this diet. A study shoes that consuming beans regularly in a half cup can reduce the level of cholesterol up to 8 %. Beans also contain high fiber that is very useful to limit the absorption of cholesterol. There are many kinds of beans and you can try different types of bean as you want. For example, you can eat pinto, kidney, or black beans.

  1. Chocolate

Who does not love chocolate? Chocolate is very delicious so that almost everyone loves it. However, there are many people think that chocolate is not good for health especially for weight because it can gain weight faster. In fact, chocolate has a good ability to improve HDL cholesterol up to 24 % in 3 months. However, not all kinds of chocolate are recommended. You should prioritize dark chocolate because milk chocolate is not recommended but still allowed. Overall, eating chocolate is not only delicious but also beneficial. So, this should be prioritized if you follow a low cholesterol diet.

  1. Margarine

If you want to start a diet of low cholesterol, it will be a good idea for you to switch your unhealthy foods to margarine. In this case, you have to prioritize margarines with plant sterols like Benecol or Promise active where they can lower the level of LDL cholesterol. Based on the study, margarine can help you reduce cholesterol up to 3.5 %. So, you should consider margarine for your low cholesterol food plans.

  1. Garlic

The next food for this diet is garlic. Garlic is well known as one of the most popular cooking spices. So, you can add garlic into your daily meals. Garlic is good to combine with any meal. For your information, garlic is able to lower blood pressure, prevent blood clots and also prevent infection. Based on a research, it also help stop artery clogging plaque. If you want your diet works well, you should plan meals with garlic.

  1. Spinach

Spinach can be considered as the best vegetables because of the benefits. For your information, it contains lutein that can fight macular degeneration, a cause of blind. Besides that, it is also beneficial for health especially to lower cholesterol levels. That is why it is recommended for low cholesterol diet. Actually, other vegetables are also good but spinach should be prioritized. You can eat spinach with other healthy foods to make it more delicious. With this leafy vegetable, your will work well.

Description: Low cholesterol diet can be followed by limiting high cholesterol foods and prioritizing low cholesterol foods. This article shares the low cholesterol foods recommended to eat.

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