Acupuncture weight loss is not scariest method: why?

Acupunctures have its origins in China. This is one of most commonly used medical procedures in worlds. However, acupuncture weight loss becomes popular in 2003 as CNN reports the success story from the weight loss clinic in China. For your information, China experienced the increases in obesities with introductions and popularities of Western diet options. The Standard American Diet frequently consists of too much fat, protein, sugar, and not enough vegetables and fruits. Even, as Americans eat vegetables and fruits, those are often canned and over cooked that leave it without any kind of nutritional values and also no live enzymes.

Acupuncture weight loss procedures have worked for a couple of thousand years in Asian culture that practices routinely the acupuncture medicines before those are made popular in West. Chinese medical theories said that overweight people have unbalanced digestive systems. This procedure is shown to strengthen the digestive systems, control the appetites and probably also improve the metabolism causing individual for burning calorie more quickly. The weight loss always has been a balance between burning the more calories than you have eaten. The acupuncture procedures offer the systems for decreasing the intakes as well as burn more calories.

During performing the procedures, the trained practitioners would use thin stainless steel needless under the sterile environments. Sometimes, these needles is combined with electrical or lasers stimulations. Others time, the practitioners would manipulate the needles manually for producing the desired result. Those needles are then left in places for about 30 minutes. For the clients, they frequently report feeling tingling, heat, and probably some numbness in the areas where the needles have been inserted. Others common side effects include nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Those side effects are minimal as compared to the potential side effects of using others drug related diet supplement for helping with appetite suppressions and metabolism boost.

The trained practitioners probably recommend the clients several herbal supplements along with acupuncture weight loss treatment. This treatment is not believed for being enough for maintaining weight loss. The medical studies show that diet choices, daily exercises, and dealing with food issues are essential parts also of the processes. Sometimes, it could take for the bodies to adjust toward acupuncture weight loss but the clients report that with the patience food craving and overeating do disappear. This treatment, in fact, is also help in reducing stress that could be the huge boosts to stress eaters.

However, before going to the practitioners, you should do the homework. Look for the referrals from those who are satisfied with their experiences. The practitioners that do acupuncture treatments must be certified doctors that hold certification through legitimate organization. The acupuncture weight loss costs would vary with the areas of countries and the experiences of practitioners. Not all insurance companies would cover the costs for this treatment.

The truth about acupuncture weight loss you should know

The truth about acupuncture weight loss you should know

There are some people that probably not believe the effective results brought about the acupuncture treatments by means of losing some amounts of weight. But, these beliefs have long been contradicted. There are some proofs which state the benefits of acupuncture for weight loss programs. Those are:

  • Acupuncture can lessen the blood lipid levels, body weight, and insulin level as well.
  • It also reduces the tremendous appetites of people so that the hungers could be satiated even with less food intakes.
  • It will lessen the weight that gains during menopausal stages.
  • This acupuncture weight loss is known popularly to reduce someone’s weight quite fasted as compared with a year of diet program.

Acupuncture weight loss: is it safe?

For your information, acupuncture treatment in losing some weight is a kind of safe practice as the dieters undergo 1 up to 3 sessions within 3 to 4 weeks of starting the traditional methods of weight loss program. The common side effects, rarely stated by the dieters will also include vertigo or losing balance. However, there will be also severe adverse events neurological damages or deaths, have never happened within 3 up to 4 weeks of the treatments. The studies have found to examine the safety of acupuncture doesn’t follow the subjects past four weeks. The one which does attempt for following the subject past four weeks, it shows lots of inconsistencies.

The truth about acupuncture weight loss you should know

Acupuncture weight loss: work or not?

Based on some published researches and studies, acupuncture purposed for weight loss, as combined with traditional methods of diet programs such as exercises and calories restrictions do increase the amounts of weight loss which is experienced by many dieters. On several studies, the differences between those who use acupuncture and those who are not, are statistically significant. However, like safety data, the conclusions which acupunctures do the amounts of weight loss could be made only up to four weeks.

Some studies about acupuncture weight loss

Acupuncture weight loss basically is one of more effective methods which help people with excess weights for reducing the body fats successfully. The growing interest toward this treatment as weights loss therapies have come to the attentions of researches with the results that some of the studies have been reported in International Journal of Obesity. One of those study including this treatment looks at 3,013 different cases that included overweight people who utilize acupunctures as tools for losing weight. The randomized controlled researches also have been undertaken for providing the evidences as to efficacy of how achieve this treatment.

Interestingly, the randomized controlled studies reveal that the body weights decreased up to 1.56 kg as average when proper acupunctures are incorporated in weight loss therapies, as opposed to the people that are treated with placebos. Overall, the researchers involve with these trials admit that people who have achieved acupuncture, lost more amounts of weight that who do not include acupuncture.

As people with excess weight combine acupuncture with Chinese herbal therapies, both of mind and body would be stimulated. Acupuncture weight loss will not only improve the digestion but also the appetite tends to diminish and cravings for the foods. Based on Traditional Chinese Machine (TCM), spleen and liver problems could cause excessive weight gains. As acupuncturists stimulate acupoints on liver and spleen meridians, it would help tune up works of internal organs that in return affect positively endocrine and digestive systems.

Description: Acupuncture weight loss combined with Chinese herbal therapy will result more weight loss. Based on some studies, this treatment is safe and effective.

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