9 Proven Ways How to Lose Stomach Fat

Stomach fat is very annoying. You will look bad if you have too much fat on your stomach. Besides that, too much stomach fat also makes you difficult to do many activities and even cause some health problems. Therefore, you need to lose that stomach. How to lose stomach fat can be done with various ways. If you are interested in this goal, you can try the following best ways below.

9 Proven Ways How to Lose Stomach Fat
  • Do Cardio Exercises

One of the ways to lose your belly fat is by doing exercise. There are many kinds of exercise. In case of stomach fat burning, cardio becomes the best option. Cardio exercises can be done either with or without tools. For example, you can do treadmill. Besides that, high intensity interval training is also very great to lose your stomach fat. Swimming, cycling and running are also recommended so much. Alternatively, you can do aerobic exercises that are exciting especially for older people.

  • Stretch and Crunch

Still related to exercises, there are 2 kinds of exercises that are very effective to lose your belly fat. The first is stretching. Stretching is commonly related to back and neck pain. However, stretching will be good to burn stomach fat if you combine it with crunch. Stretching functions as warming up and then burn your stomach fat with crunch. If sit-up helps you burn upper stomach fat, crunch is more effective to burn lower stomach fat. So, you can also combine crunch with sit-up to get the best result. Anyway, it belongs to the most recommended tips how to lose stomach fat.

  • Dip into Olive Oil

It may sound weird. However, many experts recommend this tip. In fact, olive oil can make you feel full faster and longer. So, you can control your eating portion better. The best way how to use olive oil is by dipping multigrain bread into a tablespoon of olive oil about 15 minutes before having meal. It can prevent overeating and also cut unnecessary pounds. If you do this regularly before eating, you can lose your weight especially the stomach fat fast.

9 Proven Ways How to Lose Stomach Fat
  • Stay Hydrated

You may do hard exercises, limit meals, or other efforts to lose belly fat. However, it will be useless if you let your body dehydrated. Hydration is very important. It can be one of the keys in burning fat. So, whatever your effort is, you have to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated can also help you lose stomach fat more quickly. The simplest way is by drinking much water in often. Do not wait until you feel thirsty. You have to drink little by little every 20 minutes and meet the need of liquids up to 7 or 8 glasses.

  • Keep Away from Stress

Stress can also increase fat in your body including stomach. So, you cannot let yourself stressed. You may have many problems, work too hard, do activities tiredly, etc. However, you have always to feel relaxed every day. By feeling relaxed, you can limit the fat in your body including on the fat. It belongs to the best tips how to lose stomach fat. What you need is to keep away from stress. For example, you need to go picnic every weekend, hangout once a week, etc. You may also need to do your hobby at least once a week to keep you feel happy.

9 Proven Ways How to Lose Stomach Fat
  • Have Enough Sleep

Sleeping time is different based on the age. For adults, they must have sleeping time at least 6 hours and maximally 8 hours per day. If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, you will feel tired and sleepy. If you sleep more than 8 hours a day, you will feel lazy, limp and even dizzy. So, your body needs rest about 6 to 8 hours per day. This can also help you reduce stomach fat more easily because the metabolism process will be better. So, you can burn fat including stomach fat faster. So, do not go to bed overnight and you must wake up earlier.

  • Prioritize Greens

What are the best foods to eat if you want to lose stomach fat? In this case, greens are the best choice. Greens are mostly from vegetables. You may not be unfamiliar with amaranth, broccoli, lettuce and kale where they are calorie free and also contain many vitamins. Even more, they can make you feel full longer and are very useful in case how to lose stomach fat. You can use greens for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks. The recipes are also various and you will not be bored eating veggies.

  • Lift Weights

Cardio may be the most effective exercise for fat burning. Aerobic may also be the best alternative to burn fat fast. However, weightlifting will also be a recommended exercise because it can help you lose stomach fat, too. In fact, weightlifting is very useful to build muscles. If you are more muscled, you can burn calories and fat faster. So, it will be very useful to cut more pounds faster. So, you cannot hesitate to lift weights at a gym or at home freely.

  • Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is very delicious. Besides that, it also comes with zinc where it is very good to lose your belly fat. In fact, zinc can help you increase the circulating leptin levels of your body where it is a hormone which regulates energy expenditures, appetite and fat storage. You can also eat dark chocolate with low sugar. In addition, dark chocolate is also very good to be mixed with drinks or foods.

That is all how to lose stomach fat that you can try. You should not focus on your weight because losing belly fat does not always mean losing weight. You may lose your belly fat but you do not lose your weight because your body mass is increased. With flatter stomach, you will not only look more athletic but it also makes you more comfortable.

Description: How to lose stomach fat can be done with many ways and tips. With these tips above, you can lose your belly fat fast and effectively.

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