8 Most Extreme Weight Loss Methods

8 Most Extreme Weight Loss Methods

If you are obese, you have tried any diet but all failed, you may consider extreme weight loss. It means that you try to find a method how to lose weight extremely. Extreme means the method itself or the result of weight loss. If you think that you need it, there are some methods that you can try. In this article, we will share the most extreme method of weight loss. So, you can compare them and choose the best one for you.

  1. Taking Urine Injections

If you are frustrated with your obese body, this can be the last choice to try. This diet is very good to try because it is offers amazing weight loss result. If you have never known it before, it may sound strange even very strange. However, this weight loss method has been proven that it is really effective. There is a woman named Sheryl Paloni who has ever gotten urine injection and she lost up to 43 pounds in 5 months. This shows very amazing result.

So, how does this weight loss method work? Firstly, you need to know that the urine used in this weight loss method is taken from pregnant women. This can be done at a doctor or at home based on your desire. It means you can inject it by your own. Based on the science, this urine injection can also boost your body metabolism. So, it helps people change their eating portion to be smaller. After you know that this weight loss method is success, do you have a plan to follow this method?

  1. Having Sex 7 Times Per Day

Having sex is one of the needs in life. However, it becomes a problem if someone is obese. With obese body, people will be difficult to have a sex. However, you cannot give up. In fact, having sex is not only exciting but also beneficial for weight loss. I am talking the right speech because it can be explained by the science and there are also many people who have proven it. So, having sex belongs to one of the best methods of extreme weight loss.

This method has been proven by Pauline Potter who has ever become the holder of Guinness World Record for the heaviest woman. She had sexes 7 times per day to lose weight. The surprising news is that she can burn up to 500 calories every session of having sex even though she could not move much in the bed. This routine was done every day and she found that she lost 100 pounds very fast. So, if you have a husband or a wife, this method is recommended so much. Besides losing weight, it is also very useful to make you more intimate with your spouse.

  1. Install a Nasogastric Dripping Tube

There is also an extreme method of weight loss called K-E diet. K-E is an abbreviation that stands for Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition diet. This diet is able to lose weight up to 20 pounds in 10 days. It means you can lose 2 pounds in a day with this extreme weight loss method. However, this weight loss method should be done rightly by a professional doctor or dietician. There are many people who have proven that this weight loss method works well so that you should not hesitate to follow this method.

  1. Try Paintball Shots

If you do not want to follow any diet or weight loss surgery, there is a good and effective method of weight loss called paintball shots. However, this method requires you to spend much money up to 199 pound sterling per person. Anyway, you will not be disappointed with this weight loss method. This weight loss method will help you burn calories up to 1000 calories in a time. The paintballs will be shot 3 or 4 times during the sessions to make sure that you will get the best weight loss result. However, this method should be done rightly by a professional doctor.

  1. Consider Imaginary Gastric Band

There is also a very effective lose weight surgery that can give a significant result. This surgery is called imaginary gastric band. This is a kind of weight loss surgery that cuts your stomach. With smaller stomach, it will make you full faster and prevent hunger. So, your weight will be reduced automatically very fast. However, if you want to follow this weight loss surgery, you need to spend up to 800 pounds sterling or more in 5 sessions. Anyway, you will not be disappointed with this extreme weight loss.

  1. Try Painful Tongue Patch

There is a method of weight loss that is very extreme. It is called Tongue Patch. This weight loss method is very extreme because it feels so painful. However, the result is really amazing. This method purposes to make you feel painful when eating. Therefore, it will reduce your desire in eating. So, it will be a good idea for you who cannot control in overeat. There are many people who have proven this weight loss method and they averagely can lose weight around 20 pounds in a month.

  1. Spend a Couple of Week at an Extremely Cold Place

You do not need to do hard exercises or control eating to lose weight extremely. What you need to do is that you should spend your time for one or two weeks at a very cold place. For example, you can spend the time at a peak or up to more than 8,700 feet above the sea surface. Living at a very cold place can lower your weight even though you eat whatever you want. However, you have to be careful because it can cause hypothermia.

Those are some methods of extreme weight loss that you can try. However, you have to know the risks of each method. Anyway, you can try one of them if you are frustrated with the safer weight loss diet. From those extreme methods, which one will you follow?

Description: Extreme weight loss can be done with some methods. All those methods can lose weight significantly but they also have their own risks.

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