5 Methods of Fasting Diet

Today, if people want to lose weight, they try following a diet. Based on the methods, there are many kinds of diet. One of them is fasting diet. This is a kind of diet that requires you not to eat in certain hours. This diet is not only useful for weight loss but it can also get rid of toxin in your body. Therefore, it can help you improve your health wholly. Based on how to do it, this diet is divided into 5 types. You can compare and choose the most appropriate one for you to follow.

Leangains Fasting Diet

This is the first type that is introduced. This method is best for gym goers who focus on muscle building and weight loss. For women, this method requires you to fast for fourteen hours every day. Then, you are allowed to eat for the 10 hours remaining. Different from women, men are required to fast for 16 hours per day and then you can eat for the 8 hours remaining. During the period of fasting, you cannot consume any calorie. However, sugar free gum, diet soda, calorie free sweetener and black coffee are allowed to consume.

Then, you should also do some workouts to support this diet. The foods should also be paid attention so much where whole and unprocessed foods have to be the priority. The benefit of this diet method is that you can eat during the remaining period freely based on your desire. However, there are some people who do not like it because this requires us to do some exercises. For your information, exercise is only recommended so much for those who want to build muscles whereas those who focus on weight loss can skip doing exercise.

Eat Stop Eat Fasting Diet

This is the second method of fasting diet. This diet method allows you to eat whatever you love. However, it should not be as much as of the food wholly. For example, you may eat a slice of cake but you cannot eat the whole cake. If you want to follow this diet method, you have to fast in 24 hours about twice a week. This fasting period is called as 24 break from eating. So, you cannot eat any food. However, you are still allowed to drink beverages that are calorie free.

When it is not in the fasting period, you can go back to eat like the normal days. You may eat your desired foods including big meals but you still need to control your eating portion for the best result. So, it is very important to plan or make schedule for eating. During this diet, you have to be able to change the portion and eating schedule. The benefit is that you can choose your desired days for fasting. You can also eat anything when you do not fast. However, many people feel difficult when they must fast a whole day because they feel starving.

The Warrior Fasting Diet

The next method of fasting diet is the warrior diet. It is a method of diet that requires you to fast for around 20 hours each day. Then, you can eat a big meal in the night at the remaining hours. The food you eat and when you eat also becomes the key of this diet method. In this case, you have to make sure that you eat foods that contain nutrients needed by your body. So, even though you can eat a big meal, it does not mean that you can eat more than one serving and eat unhealthy foods.

So, what you should eat? The best food you can eat is fruits. Almost all fruits are rich in nutrients. Besides that, vegetables are also recommended for this diet. Then, you can also consider drinking fresh juices from fruits you want. Other foods that contain protein are also recommended so much during you follow this diet. The benefits of this diet are various. One of them is to promote alertness. This diet is also very good to boost energy. In addition, it also stimulates for burning.

Fat Loss Forever Fasting Diet

If you are not interested in those methods, you can try this fasting diet. This method combines from the best parts of leangains, the warrior diet and eat stop eat. This method purposes to minimize hunger so that you do not eat too much. Besides that, it also requires you to do some workout programs that include free weights and bodyweight where the workouts will help you lose weight fast. Even though it combines the best parts of all previous methods, this is simple and easy to follow.

In relation to how you follow this diet, it may feel difficult or easy. This method is best for you who like cheat days. If you like following the rules, it feels easy but if you do not like following rules, it feels difficult and suffering. Anyway, it can be considered as one of the best alternatives of diet for some purposes.

UpDayDownDay Fasting Diet

This is the last method that you can try. It is also well known as Alternate-Day Fasting or the Alternate-Day Diet. This method is best for you who want to be a disciplined dieter and focus on weight loss goal. You can follow this diet easily. What you need is to eat little food one day and eat food normally in the next day. Repeat this consistently so if you want to get the best result of weight loss.

This fasting diet requires you to cut calories during the fasting days. For example, if you usually eat 2000 to 2500 calories per day, you should eat 400 to 500 calories for the fasting days. This is the key of this diet method. If you can follow this rule rightly, you can cut calories about 20 up to 35 % calories or about 2.5 pounds in a week. Because this method still allows you to eat, it means that this diet is easy to follow. Anyway, you can follow your desired method.

Description: Fasting diet can be done in 5 different methods. You can compare them and choose the most appropriate one based on your desire.

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