The 4 Step Diverticulitis Diet

The 4 Step Diverticulitis Diet

What is the main purpose of diet? The question sounds so ridiculous. That is the answer that coming out from my mouth when my friends asked me. This will be much more complicated because my friends told me anything regardless to the kind of diet. This is such a boring time. However, my close friend got the point that diet surely responsible to make our live longer and health our body organs. At the same time, eating over food will give such a disease such as obesity even diverticulitis. In fact, there is nothing we can do such drinking the relating medicine and do diverticulitis diet.

Potential patient risk

It is noted by the experts that people, age 40 and over it, will has a high risk to suffer this problem. Just a little bit explains, the ingestion process inside the body is never stopped since we are born. Sometimes, the big problem comes because we did not chew the food really well. Then, it makes the intestines working so hard. In short, they need a rest for a while. Diverticulitis is the serious problem which happens in the lining large intense of the pouches. The pouches are named diverticulitis. In worst, this disease will give a hurt sting when the weak spot gets under pressure, especially because of food loosely.

Mostly, for those who have this thing will feel painful and upsetting on the guts. Moreover, some experiences the consistent discomfort while other admits that they get wanes or flares up. To measure, experts also state and recommend that the effective way to decrease even healing it is only trough diet. Before we get down deeply diverticulitis diet, it is better to see what is the stages and body warning when we suffer this. If you experience one or two symptoms here, you are probably has diverticulitis. The only way, try to change your habits and lifestyle.

Mostly, the problem is the digestive tract such as changing the bowel habit, experiencing the abdominal pain, getting a cramping, uncomfortable feel in the lower part of the abdomen, having diarrhea, and fever even chills. It is reported that the diet way of western often suggest to drink and eat. Most of them are a highly process meals combined by sugars and fats. This contributes to the development of diverticula infection. Another thing, the potential problem of diverticulitis also comes because of the complications such as:

  1. Aging
  2. Passive smoker
  3. Obesity
  4. Less regular stretching, aerobic, and exercise
The 4 Step Diverticulitis Diet


Step 1 to 4

All of them are highly contributed to make the lining digestive wider into the size of marble. Further problem, the patient will experience the uncomfortable guts, diarrhea, and serious complications. How to defeat diverticulitis diet with three steps? First step is to prevent the complication when you experience one of the symptoms. This is importance that you have to clean the digestive tract by your selves and it will automatically begin to recover itself. The recommended food is beef bone broth. This meal will improve joint health and boost the immune system. Also, it consists of the cellulite as essence to recover the lining digestive. This essence also can be found in the chicken, lamb, and fish.

This ingredient can be served with any recipients and combinations. A relevant example would be the cooked vegetables added with a meat. This will provide the particular nutrition which is essential to the body. What lies beneath those ingredients are magnesium, silicon, phosphor, and sulphur, and so on. The most importance is the digestive easy to process. To make it more delicious, you can add the egg, celery, and garlic. If you are not proper chef, you can purchase some typical food with this indicator. As an example, the Indonesian salad, chines cap cay, and etc.

However, those food are quite spicy and it is not suggested for you. Perhaps, you can ask to the chef in the restaurant to decrease the spicy ingredient into the low level. Special for the drink, you can try the ginger tea or the ginger milk. Those are the beneficial ingredients for you to strength and raise the number of immune system. This is aimed to build the healthy circumstance in the guts. Step two is the continuity of the step one. Generally, this step requires the highest level of protein, nutrition, and vitamin. In detail, you can take some foods which are well-grated and well-steamed. Those will be soft and easy to be processed. Therefore, it should be supported by the pureed–fruit.

The 4 Step Diverticulitis Diet

Those main menus can be served in some cooks. As the example, the steamed beef can be combined with several ingredients and turn into soup. At the same time, the fruit can be transformed into juice as well as the vegetables. Both of them are well-known as the nutrition booster. Among of the fruit, there highest nutrition consists in carrots, beets, apples, grapes, and watercress. Besides, there are fruits which cannot support diverticulitis diet. Generally, the characteristics of the fruit are in the having the tough skin, and small seed. This is prevented since they could accumulate the diverticula sacs.

Step three is the following stage. Overall, the foods and drinks in the previous stages are added with some ingredients like fiber rich food. They are classified into raw fruits, vegetables, and unrefined grains. Also, any kind of cuisines are the black rise, grains fermentation, quinoa, and the lentils sprouts. Although the earlier research regarding to topic diet, the experts are quite doubt with the nuts and seeds, nowadays, they revised it and mentioned that those are safe to consume and it is aimed to minimize the digestive infection. In this case, if you think that your body gives warn such as the symptoms come again. It is better to repeat the stage.

Step four; based on the expert at the Oxford University, they convince that fiber can reduce the irritation. This study focuses on the introduction of fiber usage for food gradually around 3 or 4 days. They are vegetables, fruits, cereals, and potatoes. In a day, the body requires fiber only 25 to 35 grams. This is purposed to allow the stave off some flare up. After the body can adopt this food, it is followed by the non-processed beans like oat, and lentil. In particular, we also should know the distinctive kind of the fiber. Generally, they are classified into two variants. First, it is the soluble fiber which retains water, and directly turns into the gel on the digestive process. This gel is the most significant to encourage the absorbing nutrition in the body since the digestive system is getting infection.

Second, insoluble fiber, in the contrary, allows the food to leave the system process quickly. This condition is better since the intestines should avoid the longer work to grill the food. The typical food of the soluble fiber includes the seeds, nuts, lentils, and peas. Then, the insoluble fiber includes the whole grain, vegetables, and wheat bran. According to the Department of research in Harvard Medical School, they found that insoluble fiber is the effective essence. However, it is not reason to wash away the soluble fiber from diverticulitis diet since they are as one to balance our body.

Descriptions: diverticulitis diet decreases the potential problem of the infection in digestive system. For age 40, they have high risk to experience this.

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