2 Weeks Quick Weight Loss Steps with HCG Diet Model – Believe It

Some people are sometimes exaggerated whether it is possible to have loss weight only in weeks by doing special diet while actually it is possible for real by accustoming HCG diet. What is HGC diet is? This diet is a type of an extreme diet that allows you to do tight diet schedule with several clauses that you have to follow in order to get the aiming number of weight loss that you want to hit. The HCG actually stands for human chronic gonadotropin which is a hormone comes from women when they are pregnant. In diet term, this diet relates to tight diet menu that only allows you to consume around 500 calorie per day. You will know more about this diet by reading below.

2 Weeks Quick Weight Loss Steps with HCG Diet Model – Believe It

HGC Diet Plan and How to Works It Out

As what it has been said before, this diet push you to do more tighten schedule on diet that you have to obey. The special treatment will be followed by you. The best and magical thing by doing this diet is the quick excellent result that you will gain to lost your weight. It is said that doing this diet will assure to gain at least 4 or 5 loss pounds only in week. This is indeed unbelievable yet true. Then how exactly things you need to do when you want to run this HCG diet plan?

Cutting Down Meal into Specific Number

Something that is interesting about this diet is the food type that you will consume in your daily menu every day. It is familiar that this diet usually works by consuming only one or several types of food that contains with very few of calories. Some of food that is mostly to be consumed by the dieter who follows this diet’s rule is vegetables. Sometimes other food with very low calories is added as well but in a very strict way. You also need to make a point that this diet highly does not allow you to consume any junk food or any food that is made with oil, in short oily food.

Still, in HCG diet you still can consume food in routine time including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What makes it different is the size or the portion of the food that you consume and the type of the food that you choose. In this diet, you are only allowed to eat some specific food with some amount number of it. For example, breakfast is done by only eating one full of cooked egg while the lunch is done only through drinking smoothies. The dinner then goes for fruits or vegetables. The diet rule depends on what you choose and arrange in your daily food list.

Even though the food you eat can be specified with what you like but you still need to understand about the diet rule. The rule or the HCG diet protocol will ask you to obey the rule for each meal you consume per day. In every breakfast, lunch, or dinner you have to add one type of foods that contains with high protein. Then, you have to consume one type of vegetables, only one type of breads and the last is one fruit only. This diet can work perfectly on boiling food which means you are highly recommended to not fry your food. The oil is the big no.

2 Weeks Quick Weight Loss Steps with HCG Diet Model – Believe It

What Foods to Choose

What is fun and enjoyable in this HCG diet is the fact that you are still allowed to eat your favorite dish material being included in your meal but with small amount portion of it. If you like chicken so much but you remember that you are in diet, you do not need to avoid it. Rather than erasing chicken in your favorite list food you can deal with it instead. You still can add this food in your daily meal, like in lunch, but you have to remember that the food should be boiled with very few of salt in the ingredient. Much better you only boil the food without adding any ingredient.

As an addition, the part of the food, here is chicken or meat should be chosen carefully. As for chicken, it is better to choose the breast chicken as it contains with less fat, serving healthier and more controlled calorie for you. Something that you have to line is the seafood that you should highly avoid. Some of seafood that are not allowed to be consumed when you do HCG diet menu is the salmon, herring fish, tuna, salmon, pickled fish, and eel. Meanwhile, it is highly recommended for you to eat more vegetables.

Some of the vegetables that you can highly add in your daily menu are green vegetables like celery and spinach. Then, you can eat other vegetables like chard, tomatoes, beet greens, chicory, fennel, red radishes, cucumber, lettuce, onions, kale, broccoli, asparagus, and cabbages. In the same position of vegetables, it is highly recommended as well for you to consume more fruit. Some of fruits that should be on your lists are strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, grapefruit, orange, and apple. Out of this food, you really need to consume more number of water to be drunk out every day.

If you love to eat sugar, candy, and other sweet things like cake then you need to be ready as you do HCG diet. It I because any butter, cream, or sugars are highly avoided in the diet menu. So you have to prepare your body and get used to it quickly. Other things that should be on the list are working out an exercising. Doing hard exercising is very important. To achieve high loss pound only in week you need to do the exercise properly. There are several exercise types that you can follow.

Doing Proper Exercising

One of important time to do exercising is in the morning. Doing the exercising in the morning helps your body to burn the calories in more significant way. Basically you can try the HIT exercising or the high-intensity interval training that asks you to do several exercising type including sprinting and jogging. The time of doing this exercise is quite long. Usually it is done perfectly more than one hours including doing warming up and cooling down activity. As an addition, the cardio exercise is always done on this diet.

HCG diet is definitely a quick loss weight method that cans successfully relief the weight problem in a quick time. Most of the time that you will spend to cut down your weight in a huge number is only done only by weeks. This method is indeed amazing. Even so, this diet is not the type of an easy diet steps that you can go for. You need to set your commitment at first and promise to yourself that you will do and follow the high tight and strict rule in order to get the ideal weight you are aiming. However, just like the hard performance you do, the result shows satisfying number of loss weight.

Description: HGC diet is a hard and strict diet yet performing very quick loss weight that many people are interest to do. This diet method help you to gain ideal weight only in weeks.

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